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We're a data consultancy company with a twist. We like to build quality solutions that will work with your business. Because ultimately, it's about you, and using data to connect with your customers.

Traffic analytics

Here at Inqyr, we're all about trying to make a positive impact - we also don't like traffic!

Using our expertise in Computer vision, we're proud to launch Occlusion. Occlusion is a cloud based, or on edge device that uses state of the art computer vision to collect data on how transport modes interact with each other.

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Data and Business Advice

We specialise in combining business with your data. For example we can run market research, price optimisation exercises with your team to make sure your business is running efficiently.

Custom Machine Learning and AI Solutions

Looking for something a bit more advanced? We're keen to work with you to build and implement custom data solutions within your business - whether it's pre-sales conversion, experimentation or bespoke AI, get in touch.

Voice of Customer Solutions

66% of US consumers admit to spending more, and more frequently with brands they are loyal to.

With roots in voice of customer programmes and natural language process, we can work with you to get up and running with a Voice of Customer program. From software setup, survey strategy, results analysis and business recommendations.

Don't leave your brand to chance. Increase sales and loyalty with us.

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Learn more about our services, the industry and how to grow your business.

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Why we experiment?

Trying new things is the basis of experimentation and can be crucial to survival in business.

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Calculate Churn - SaaS Edition

Churn. If you’ve been around a software as a service (SaaS) company, service, or retail company you’ve probably heard of it.

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