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We are Inqyr. A data consultancy focused on helping you achieve your business goals using data. Whether it's a small bespoke analysis, or a full-blown AI solution. We can help you out.

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We help businesses unleash the power of their data assets, providing tailored strategies and cutting-edge AI solutions. From data management to predictive modeling, we deliver actionable insights that drive growth.

Generative AI
It seems Generative AI is all the rage at the moment. For good reason - the technolgy enables cost savings and the opportunity to improve the customer experience. We can help you with your generative AI strategy, creation and deployment to ensure you get the absolute best solution to achieve your goals.
Natural Language Processing
For more specific use cases, Inqyr are highly skilled in text analytics and natural language processing. We can help uncover insight in your text data, while saving you time and money over more generative techniques. Inqyr are experienced in more traditional natural langauge techniques which work for more bespoke use-cases. We can save you time, money and get the insight you need to make your next big move.
Machine learning solutions
Our expertise in lead scoring and churn models empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve remarkable growth. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, we enable you to identify high-potential leads and proactively address customer churn. Stay one step ahead of your competitiors.
Data and AI strategy
All the data and models are no good without a strong strategy on how data works to achieve your business goals. Inqyr have worked for years developing a strong data strategy that suits buiness goals.

Get ahead faster

Generative AI

Inqyr offers a range of generative AI solutions that work for your business. We can leverage the great work done by OpenAI, AI21 and other open source models to create a solution that saves you time and money.

  • Completely headless. A headless solution doesn't lock you into what we think is best. Instead, it gives you ultimate flexibility on how and where you leverage GenAI.
  • Complete flexibility. Our API-first design allows you to expand into new channels. From your website, to Messenger, Whatsapp? All possible.
  • Completely private. Our approach to GenAI keeps your data safe. We only work with and create solutions to ensure your data never leaves your environment. It gives you complete transperancy over your solutions.

Want bespoke? No problem.

If you're wanting to get a real edge over your competitors, we can help you choose, build, tune a generative AI model to suit your exact use-case.

Build relationships. Create sales

Hybrid Search + GenAI

We've developed advanced e-commerce search capabilities that combine semantic text search, with images. Then we've wrapped it in GenAI, to make product discovery purely conversational.

Allow your customers to find your products even if they don't know what they're looking for. Our search picks up on visual representations of products, to surface similar products related to their search.

  • Hybrid search. Powering our solution is our hybrid search. It's completely flexible, and searches over both product descriptions and visual representations of your products. It allows users to find products that they're looking for - even if they don't know what to search.
  • Virtual retail assistance. Hybrid search isn't enough, we combine this with generative AI to create a true virtual retail assistant. Allow customers to ask questions such as "I'm looking for an outfit for a summer beach wedding." - we'll surface your products that fit your customers wants.
  • New channels. Like our Generative AI solution, we approach it in a flexible way. It's completely API-first, allowing you to embed the experience wherever and however you like. On-site, Facebook, Instagram? You got it.

Have a retail assistant everywhere where your customers are.

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